Welcome to Growcasting

Growcasting launched in 2017 as a resource for any baseball broadcaster seeking to improve.

Who We Serve
Growcasting serves any current or aspiring baseball broadcaster with a desire and willingness to continually improve.  We subscribe to the philosophy that no matter how proficient or experienced someone may be at a particular skill, you can always refine that skill or learn something new about it.

Broadcasting baseball is no different.  Whether you are currently working in the Major Leagues, minor leagues, college summer leagues, or as a freelancer, every baseball broadcaster has a capacity to get better.

None of us can become the next Vin Scully in a week, a year, or even a lifetime.  However, we can absolutely make sure that today’s broadcast is better than yesterday’s by committing ourselves to a process of ongoing self-improvement.

If you share a genuine passion for baseball and bringing the action to those who cannot attend games in person, Growcasting can help you!

Growcasting provides fresh, practical, and applicable content that baseball broadcasters can “take into the game” that night.  We cover all facets of the industry, including play-by-play mechanics, efficient preparation methods, working in sales, maintaining health and fitness during the season, and time management.

Some sports fans are lucky enough to grow up listening to great broadcasters on a regular basis.  Others know what their preferences are, but have been transplanted to a location that offers substandard broadcasts.  The tragic fans are those who don’t know what a quality broadcast actually sounds like because they have never been exposed to one.  Growcasting envisions a world in which the third group doesn’t exist.

Our hope is that broadcasters of all ages and experience levels take advantage of the development resources we offer, and utilize them in delivering a better experience to the listener.

Growcasting’s Vision
A world in which every baseball broadcast is of the highest quality, regardless of the level of play.

Growcasting’s Mission
To provide listeners with the best possible experience through the growth and development of every broadcaster.

Growcasting’s Promise
To share knowledge and resources baseball broadcasters can apply to their craft in an effort to fulfill our mission.