Our Clients

Growcasting is proud to serve the following baseball broadcasters.  Our collective goal is to become the best versions of ourselves through continual growth and development so that we can deliver high-quality broadcasts to as many listeners as possible.

Jason KempfJason Kempf
Quad Cities River Bandits – Low-A Midwest League (Houston Astros)

“I highly recommend that all broadcasters, or individuals who aspire to become a broadcaster someday, take a long look at Growcasting and the services that Steve is providing.  Since reaching out to Steve for feedback at the outset of my own broadcasting career, he has been an invaluable resource.  With his suggestions and advice, I have vastly improved my play-by-play abilities and grown more confident in putting together a demo tape.  I find the style in which Steve has provided his feedback to be very helpful.  He doesn’t simply provide a list of positives and negatives for a piece of audio.  Instead, he explains why something could be improved, suggestions on how to make those improvements, and relevant examples from his own experiences.  Every employer in the broadcasting industry has their own unique preferences, but Steve’s “Five Tools of Effective Broadcasting” are points that have been mentioned in every interview I have had for a play-by-play position.  Steve is an exceptional broadcaster in his own right and his willingness to help others reach their potential through Growcasting is something that should be taken advantage of by everyone in the field.”

Garrett Greene

Garrett Greene
Biloxi Shuckers – Double-A Southern League (Milwaukee Brewers)

“Following a season serving as a ‘number two,’ I felt ready to take the next step and assume the reigns as the lead broadcaster for a baseball team.  The great challenge: figuring out what I wanted to present that would help my material stand out from the plethora of candidates applying for the same job.

After investing a painstaking amount of time to listen through everything I had called over the summer, I narrowed down my selection to what I felt were the best half-innings of play-by-play.  But which was the best to use?  I chose what I believed was the half-inning that fully encapsulated my ability, but after contacting Steve, I realized my hunch wasn’t correct.

Growcasting’s critique targeted specific missteps in my selected inning.  Their advice came with an explanation of not only what errors had been made, but also what could be done to correct them in the future.  These were not just in bullet point “this is where you messed up and this is how to fix it” form.  They were in-depth assessments of the specific problem, tied to examples of why these issues needed to be addressed and how they could be corrected.

In addition, Steve pointed out elements throughout the course of the inning that would appeal to listeners (and employers) in future innings.  Growcasting’s critique was not just about calling balls and strikes, but about developing ways to bring the listener inside the ballpark, when and where to provide context, and how to weave appropriate information into a broadcast.  In every one of their critiques, I felt I received a fair and attentive assessment of the tape that I had submitted.  I felt uplifted by the way they concentrated on my specific strengths and weaknesses.

Through my correspondence with Growcasting, I was able to select a pair of quality half-innings to use as a demo reel.  During my time at the Winter Meetings, I interviewed with nearly half a dozen teams.  Several of the teams specifically mentioned the quality of my tape, and I know my presentation would not have been as strong had I not worked with Steve.  As a result of these interviews, I received an offer to work as part of the broadcasting and media relations department for the Helena Brewers, an offer I gladly accepted as the next stepping-stone in my career.

The advice I received from Growcasting contained tips and suggestions that I look forward to incorporating into my broadcasts this summer.  The depth of their critiques has also given me a new way to self-analyze my broadcasting throughout the season.  Whether you are just starting out, or have been on the air for a while, I would certainly recommend giving Growcasting an opportunity to aid you in the continued quest for better broadcasting.”

Spenser SmithSpenser Smith
Trenton Thunder – Double-A Eastern League; 2017 Frontier League (independent) Broadcaster of the Year

“In the off-season following my first year as the lead broadcaster of a professional team, I was determined to find ways to become better prepared for the next season.  Steve was among many to whom I reached out for a critique of my work.  Many others in the industry had provided me with very helpful feedback before, but Steve’s mechanical breakdown of my demo was far more in-depth than I’d ever received.  Rather than giving mere bullet points, Steve provided detailed explanations of why a certain play call was strong, or how it could have been better.

Additionally, Growcasting’s “Five Tools of Effective Broadcasting” provide terrific guidance on how to form a strong foundation as a broadcaster.  These go a long way in putting words to the process of keeping listeners engaged, and are important aspects to consider in professional growth as a broadcaster.

Steve’s eagerness to help others grow and reach their potential is energizing, and I highly-recommend Growcasting to all broadcasters–veterans and recent graduates alike–who are looking to improve with each new broadcast.”