Baseball Reference
The most reliable and comprehensive resource for player research.  Extensive biographical information for Major League and minor league players, including game logs, splits, and defensive statistics.

The Baseball Cube
Provides information similar to Baseball Reference, but is not quite as user-friendly due to the volume of ads.  However, The Baseball Cube has the advantage of providing college statistics for nearly every player.  The “click through” feature for high school and college teammates provides additional value you can’t find anywhere else.

Baseball America
The leading source for objective, quality baseball information.  A must read for any broadcaster, but especially those working in the minor leagues.

Pro Baseball Insider
Authored by Major Leaguer Doug Bernier.  The depth and quality of information here is astounding.  Most incredibly, it’s all free.  This is a great resource if you want to learn about baseball fundamentals from a player’s perspective.  You’re cheating yourself if you’re not reading this website.

Driveline Baseball
A Seattle-based training facility that combines cutting edge technology with a data-driven approach in helping players improve their physical skills.  The website offers a free newsletter filled with great information that can be used on broadcasts.  Driveline is analytics in practice, and provides a bridge for understanding why Major League organizations are valuing certain metrics over others.

The Complete Pitcher
Similar to Pro Baseball Insider, but focused on pitching.  Another tremendous learning tool authored by former professional Steven Ellis.

Oslo M537 Stopwatch
Enhance the listener’s experience by using a stopwatch in the booth.

Many more coming soon!